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 On the 7th and 8th May 2011 our team travelled to Olympia to demonstrate Rally Obedience at the Kennel Club's Discover Dogs display ring. Six different dogs and handlers demonstrated  twice on each day. Jane gave an outstanding  non stop commentary as three teams performed a 10 station course on lead and three teams the off lead course. All dogs also performed the optional bonus to the crowds delight. The attendance over the two days was 13,460 visitors to the National Hall at Olympia. In this busy and noisy enviroment all the dogs worked happily and enjoyed their time in the ring with their owners. 
 Congratulations to Saturday's teams -Doreen and Molly, at nearly 11years old, Molly is our 'Golden Oldie' andclearly has proven that you can teach an old dog new tricks by her success so far in Rally. At the other end of the spectrum are Lucy and Hettie the Blenheim  cavalier, at 10 months old our youngest member performed convincingly both on and off lead. Dot and Kiera, a 2 year old miniature poodle another faultless round.  Dorothy and Troy, rehomed by Dorothy at 10 months old this striking black Standard Poodle wins everyones heart and got the loudest applause when he took the jump, eventually! Keyna and Yoshi who also delighted the crowd with his super round, and finally Val and Jeep who at 9 years old completed the course in her own time.
 Congratulations also to Sundays team, Sabine and Harley  a Ruby Cavalier,who travelled from Leicester and gave a wonderful steady performance. Wendy and Tizzy who despite the close proximity of the Flyball display produced a fabulous round at Rally. Lucy and Ellie who just couldn't help but wag her tail throughout, Sophie and Algie our third KC Cavalier in the Sunday team, despite being hard of hearing gave wonderful attention and stayed close to Sophie.  Sue and Maisie, a rehomed five year old Tibetan cross  overcoming fearful aggression performed the best Sit Down Sit of the two days and finally , Jenny and Buster, a lovely Staffie cross who performed so well and enjoyed so many well earned pats from the crowd.
Finally, my thanks to Sandra and Jay who assisted me in the course building.
We truly had a fabulous weekend.