Christmas Show 2012
We held the show entirely in the hall, and after a night of fierce winds and torrential rain, were happy to have made that decision.
64 teams competed in Pink, Bronze, No Sits, Silver and Gold.
Awards were made to different categories in each level.
Full results are listed below.
There was a great atmosphere, heavily laden sharing table and outstanding results!
I am tickled pink that Lily won 1st in both the Bronze and Silver B stream categories. It was great that our other judges, Julie, Jane and Jay all got the opportunity to compete too.
Thanks to Steve, Ruth and Julie who joined me in judging on the day, Barbara and Mary for serving us all day with drinks and attending the table and a huge thanks to Emma, Tonie, Barbara and Mary for clearing away.  
17th February, 2013     FULL Spectator places available/ join the waiting list
Next day with Louise.  In the morning, for the first hour we will look at specific moves that still elude us. There will then be the tests, Garnet and Opal.
After lunch we will dance away the afternoon.
Cost to be confirmed - All day, or just morning or afternoon. Holbrook Village Hall. Email to go on the waiting list!
Sunday 28th October  More Louise
Another thoroughly enjoyable and informative day. In the morning the handlers learnt how to bring motivation into their dog training with some lovely dance moves resulting. For the afternoon, five teams took a closer look at the Paws n Music Move Developement Scheme. This scheme awards for continual progression in moves taught to your dog. The dog and handler must show at least two moves from five categories, poses, actions, circular, backing and heel /dressage. Louise demonstrated each of the listed moves with her Jody and Mylo and gave us all an insight in how to teach this to our dogs.
Then the SURPISE! we were all going to do our first test!
Congratulations to Ali and Toby, Emma and Twigga, Anne with Sapphire and Martha , me and Lily.
 The teams all performed fourteen or fifteen moves and Louise assessed us awarding 1 - 3 points for each move.
We all gained our Garnet Award.
We are now fully motivated to learn more moves and for the next Opal award we have to link four moves to music. Listen out in Holbrook, you may hear us practising.......................
If you would like to join our next day with Louise (end Jan/Feb, tba) please speak to me in class or email.
How to, see below.
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Latest complete results on the Awards and Championship page.
See below for a list of those Achievers and Champions from the last trial.

25th November trial - FULL - waiting list in operation.

October 21st Trial at Stutton.
The rain finally caught up this us. Didn't dampen the enjoyment though.
Achievements and Championships for many! See the attached file for full details.
Completing the Awards and Championship file it was very rewarding to compare year start scores with those from yesterday and see how much you have all improved.
What was apparent to me yesterday as I had chance to observe many of the rounds, was a little confusion many of you have in the most effective use of REWARDS and the detrimental effect luring, bribing etc has on your dogs, many of whom were clearly becoming frustrated.
 I shall post something on the website soon to clarify.
In the meantime, as stated above, we have a waiting list in operation for our last trial of this year.
Looking forward to it....... Janet
September 30th Trial at Stutton.
Thank you all for making it such a fun day. All ran smoothly and to time.
Once again, lucky with the weather based on today's rain.
A little summary of the results follows. Full results Awards and Championship page.
Congratulations to Val and Max, Bronze Championship with a score of 200 in his first No Sits class.
To Fiona and Inca on their Bronze Championship. Anne with Saphire gained two Championship scores and are now just one away from their  Puppy Championship. Ali and Toby, two Championship scores, now just one away for their Silver.
Congratulations to Joan and Rory who gained their Gold Achievement award yesterday. They also achieved two Silver championship scores, one for a Supreme score in Silver Agility O. They now need just one more over 205 in Silver to achieve the exacting target for B stream,  set at the start of the season. 
With fewer Gold classes at the start of this season, we are now only just seeing some of you approaching the Achievements and Championships. Ali and Toby gained two achievement scores yesterday as did Emma and Twigga, this team only need one more for Gold achievement.
Finally, well done to Carol and Camio for their two Silver Championship scores and a qualifying score in Gold level, entered in error on the day!
Last of the Summer.....(can't be wine, I'm off to France.)
Final summer outing today, was the Pet Dog Rally Olympics fun afternoon. Five exercises including the Cup 'o' water Weave, Find You (rs) and the Aqua retrieve, together with a Combi  Rally course was undertaken by 10 teams.
Gold Award was won by Emma and Twigga, Sue and Ebony won the Silver and Tonie and Tommy the Bronze.
Keyna and Doreen popped in with their lovely puppies for some socialisation and a cup of tea.
Hope to see those two in the Pink classes next year.
There were prizes too for all competitors.
Summer finally arrived! Very well done to Dot and Kiera, achieving their Bronze Championship with a 209 and a 210 scored on the day. Silvie too acheived her Puppy Championship. Full scores are listed on the Awards and Championship 2012 page.
Fiona and Tilly collected their rosettes for Bronze and Silver Championship, plus the first Gold award, their Achievement.  Lucy and Ellie collected their Bronze Championship and Silver Acheivement. Hetty 's Bronze Championship rosette is on order, spelling correct!
Eight teams had the energy at the end of the day for the Fun class, a combination course with signs from all levels up to Platinum plus some Agility 0 exercises. Lily ran through the course with me first. I'm sure she won - but the winners 1st place rosette went to Alison and Toby, Tonie and Tommy 2nd, Fiona and Tilly 3rd.
Next trial 30th September at Stutton.  
Allie collected her Bronze Championship and her Silver Achievement rosettes
  The Dog Dancing workshops with Louise Ince were a hoot! The warm weather tested our stamina, but the tea flowed and we kept going.
Louise explained to the participants in the two sessions, the different elements of HTM, Freestyle, Dressage and Dog Dancing.  We were introduced to the Paws n Music Association and many us want to explore this fun, personal sport further. A chat with Louise at the end of the day only highlighted how the ethos of PDRo and Dog Dancing compliment each other. It's all rally moves too - with music!
More Louise is booked for the 28th October. Whether you would just like the fun of jazzing up your rally moves or progressing further, there is something for you on the 28th.  Please contact me soonest.
Dorothy and Troy conquered leg weaving.
 No mean feat with a large dog!
 Friday 3rd August, Trial
We had a fabulous day. The standard of the teams and the handling were a pleasure to judge.
My thanks to Ruth who volunteered to judge all day with me.
Together we had five teams score a perfect 210, and a further 23 rounds scoring over 200!
Congratulations to Alison and Toby for gaining their Bronze Championship and to Fiona and Tilly for their Silver Championship. A much deserved designer Pink Supreme rosette for Ruth and Phoebe too! 
Jane's trial is this weekend at Witham and I look forward to seeing many of you there.
Our next and last trial at the stables this year will be on Friday 17th. Again pink classes are well supported and include new teams to PDRO. If you haven't entered, please do so by Monday 6th August by email.
With so many trials, I wonder if we will have a day without rain, not holding my breath on that one...........
Full results to date are posted on the Awards and Championship page.

Suffolk Dog Day, 2012.
The Have a Go ring once again was active from when the gates opened at just gone 10am. Our demonstration scheduled for 2.30 was delayed as a storm passed over with heavy rain, lightening and thunder. We could see many cars heading for the exit, but had a hearty crowd there to see a superb demo by our teams, Anne and Sapphire, Ruth and Phoebe, Lucy and Hetty, Emma and Twigga, Fiona and Tilly, Alison and Toby.
Three teams demonstrated some on lead exercises, followed by an off lead demonstration including Gold and Platinum exercises. Then all teams performed some jump exercises, ending with a dive in the Find Yours box.
Congratulations to Alison and Barbara with Toby, Harvey and Buster for all their achievements in the Main Ring novelty classes.
Alison and Toby also came 4th in the Dogs got Talent competition, Lucy and Hetty were 5th, and Fiona and Tilly pipped into second place by just half a point.
Thanks to Mary and Barbara for all their help at the ring and to all those that came to see us, enjoyed a round of rally and contributed to our donations pot for the Suffolk Foundation.
 Great day.
Check out this link to see Fiona and Alison competing in the Dogs Got Talent competition at Suffolk Dog Day.
Extracts from a  letter from Toby

Safely back from our trip to Suffolk and having a bit of r & r before travelling back on Thursday!


Thank you so much for inviting us to be members of your demo team, we thought that the display clearly illustrated the good points of PDRO and we hope that you were pleased with the day. We certainly enjoyed our foray into the Suffolk Ring.


A bonus was me winning the Pedigree class in the Main Ring then going on to take the Reserve Best in Show. My Mum said this was a great achievement in view of the numbers and quality of dogs being exhibited. Peter Purves who was commentating said "Look at the little Norwich Terrier strutting his stuff, what a showman". Mum was so proud of me she said she felt as though she was at the end of the lead of Ragus Merry Gentleman taking the Group at Crufts!


Buster and Harvey had a great day too gaining place rosettes in all their classes, again no mean achievement in the company. Aunty B was disappointed that there was no time to do the Have a Go but is looking forward to doing trials when she is not playing at Grandma.


It was lovely to have the company of good friends

Thank you once again and look forward to seeing you very soon.

JW-RT Trial 21st October at Stutton.
New Trial date  30th September 
 PDRO and Agility O Elm School Witham
Hosted by Dog Star Training
Details to follow....................
Schedule for Jane's 12th August Trial can be found on the Event page here.
Nested classes.
Just to clarify, as I have added a nested Bronze class to the 17th August Schedule.
This term means that the second class will (largely) follow the same route as the first with minor changes made only to the signs used. eg turn right might be replaced with pivot right, sit might be replaced with sit walk around dog.
There will be significant time saved in course changing and if you are eligible for both classes, you will have the benefit of familiarity with the course!
What a fabulous day! 
The weather was kind to us, the sharing table superbly stocked and the dogs and handlers gave some outstanding performances.
Congratulations to Alison and Toby on their perfect 210 score in Bronze.
They were awarded their Bronze Acheivement today.
Champions today were Fiona and Inca, Puppy
 Sabine and Harley  and Jenny with both her lovely dogs Amber and Pipit became Bronze Champions.
Bronze Achievers with Alison today were Val and Max.
Silver Achievers today Val and Max and Fiona and Tilly. 
The head to head for places and prizes at the Christmas Trial (25/11) is shaping up to be a very interesting event.
I was delighted so many young dogs and newcomers had entered the pink classes, our highest entry so far, and what stars they were. Anne and Sapphire, featured on the front page proudly wearing her Supreme rosette. Fabulous round from Sue and Ellie, very well done to Jill and Kirk,  Danielle and Holly and Barbara with Buster. Barbara and Harvey and Mary and Rushley produced their best ever rounds and are now out of pink, going up to Bronze level. Excellent effort.
Merlin - your day will come in the no sits class!
The day ended with the fun Platinum class. Top prize to Alison and Toby, Jenny and Pipit, Fiona and Tilly,  took 2nd and 3rd having entered on the day!
Finally a mention for the cake - much was consumed - and a well deserved Supreme rosette awarded to Val for her Jubilee Victoria Sandwich - to die for.
Huge thanks to all our judges, we really do appreciate your efforts.
Next Trial 3rd August Friday, please enter early!
PDRO next outings in July are the 15th at Weathersfield with a hav a go ring and Bronze class at the RSPCA fun day.  Sunday 29th July we will be giving a demonstration at the SUFFOLK DOG DAY together with our have a go ring. If you would like to be in the demonstration, please let me know.
PDRO No Sit  New Level is launched.
Find the detail on the PDRO Scoring and Guidelines page.
Schedule for Friday 3rd August now on Forthcoming events page. 
6TH MAY  Trial
Eventually the rain stopped at about 2.30.  Excellent day with many superb rounds.
Congratulations to all who took part. Sincere thanks to our judges.
Results are at the bottom of the Awards and Championship page.
Chippers Dog Training at Little Easton are staring an 8 week Rally course at Little Easton Memorial Hall, 15th May 2012.Contact Sarah or Sue via their website
 OPEN PDRO TRIAL AUGUST 12th Sunday will now be hosted by Dog Star Training at Witham.
Tuesday 14th August is the day for our Heelwork to Music Workshop with Louise Ince
2 places remaining on the morning session only. (19/4)
All About Dogs and our Spring programme.
Thanks to all for your help over the two days.
Sunday was cold, but largely dry. We were busy all day, sometimes taking three people around at one time. We were visited by a couple of dogs, breed unknown, who warmed us up with a laugh in the afternoon as they completed the course.
Monday, never stopped raining all day! Yet still so many people wanted to find out about Rally Obedience. Again we were busy all morning through till about 2pm. Then the crowds thinn
ed out and when the wind picked up about 4pm, we knew it was time to pack away! 
In the ring next to ours, were a group from Kent displaying and teaching Heelwork to Music. We had a chance to watch their afternoon display and were hooked on the fun we saw handler and dogs having. I'm pleased to say that Louise and I will be arranging a workshop for later this summer. 
Our next Have a Go ring will be at the Suffolk Dog Day, Helmingham Hall on the 29th July, Sunday. We are also putting on a display, so please let me know if you would like to be in the display team.
And finally, Open Trials 6th May and 4th June  at Chelmondiston. 
Trial 25th March at Witham hosted By Dog Star Training
Thanks to Jane Williams and her team for another great trial.
We were lucky to have another bright and sunny day, though a little chilly to start.  All classes were well supported and the standard of the rounds improves with each trial.
Congratulations to all who took part and a special note to Val with Max for excellent handling of Max's enthusiasm in the silver class.
Achievements and Championships 
Scores are now recorded on the 2012 A&C page, in glorious colour, so you can easily see your progress.
Well done Jenny with Amber and Pipit and Sabine with Harley - racing towards their Bronze Championship.
pdated 25/09/11