Awards and Championship 2014

Awards and Championship 2014




Rosettes awarded in all levels  170 - 189  Qualified 190 - 199 Excellent  200- 210 Supreme.


A Stream    Pet dog owners that do not teach or compete in Obedience above Pre - beginners.

B Stream   Trainers and Obedience Competitors above Pre-beginners.

C Stream    Awarded when the team have won a Championship at level in 2012/3.



PINK  - Novice Handlers. This a transitory level for newcomers to Pet Dog Rally Obedience.

                                                    There is no Achievement or Championship at this level.

PINK – Puppies.            For dogs less than 1 year old on the 1st January 2014.


BRONZE  A and B Stream.   Performed on lead (exception may be the bonus).


BRONZE on the Side.            Includes an element of the dog working on the right side of the handler.


SILVER  A and B Stream     Off Lead class. Recalls, plus introduction of a tunnel and




GOLD  A and B Stream          Off Lead class. Backward steps,  more jumps, tunnels.



Gold Stars                                 Dogs working on both sides of the handler. 





 Bronze, Bronze on the Side, Silver, Gold and Gold Star levels. 

No Sits classes count towards the level championship.

For A stream  and puppies only  an ACHIEVEMENT rosette will be awarded to teams scoring over 190 6 times in 2014 .

An ACHIEVEMENT is awarded once only.


A stream team must score over 200 6 times to be awarded a CHAMPION rosette in 2014. Puppies 195.


For B stream The team must score over 202 6 times to be awarded a Bronze CHAMPION rosette in 2014.

                                                 Silver and Gold over 202  6 times to be awarded CHAMPION in 2014.

 For C stream, Teams will be entered in the Champions Challenge.

The  teams highest four scores throughout the year will  be added. Teams must enter four classes to be eligible.

                                The highest scoring teams at the year end will receive Places and Prizes 1st - 6th place.


Scores must be gained under at least two different judges.

Scores at approved trials will count towards the awards.

At least four scores must be gained at a trial hosted by JW-RT.

Teams may compete at all levels.
Teams scoring Champion scores in a level will not additionally receive acheivement award in that level.
Scores may not be carried forward to 2015.

 For 2014, Championship and Achievement rosettes will be awarded at the Christmas trial, 7th December 2014 or posted 1st December if you are unable to attend.








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