Forthcoming Competitions and Events

IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY ON THE MAILING LIST FOR SCHEDULES,  PLEASE EMAIL janet@janetwest-rallytraining and ask to be added for the future schedules. 


13th January  Tricks w/shop with Louise INce  FULL

27th January  Workshop Janet West   FULL

10th February  PRDF and Heelwork workshop  1 place remaining email for detail

24th February PDRO/PDRF Trila Holbrook  schedule attached

24th March     PDRO/PDRF Trila Holbrook   schedule attached

21st April        HWTM  and Tricks W/Shop with Louise Ince  

22nd April       PDRO/PDRF Trial Holbrook    schedule to follow

12th May        Workshop with Janet West.  Pink, Bronze and Silver levels. detail below.

May, June, July and August outside trials to be confirmed

28th July     Suffolk Dog Day

3rd and 4th August  Workshop with Louise Ince/Tricks and HWTM   PDRO/Freestyle Trial  Camping BBQ

28th September  HWTM W/Shop with Louise Ince

29th September Trial at Holbrook

20th October, 24th November and 8th December  Trials at Holbrook.  Shedules to follow.