Forthcoming Competitions and Events

IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY ON THE MAILING LIST FOR SCHEDULES,  PLEASE EMAIL janet@janetwest-rallytraining and ask to be added for the future schedules. 


Jan 14th   Advanced PDRF and PDRHeelwok Workshop Janet West

Jan  28th HWTM w/shop Full day    Louise Ince

Feb 4th     MDS tests afternoon HWTM w/shop  Louise Ince

Feb 25th  PDRO/PDRF Trial  schedule attached

April 1st and 2nd (Easter Sunday and Monday)   HWTM w/shop  MDS tests   Louise Ince  /  PDRO/PDRF Trial  NOW FULL

May 13th  Workshop with Janet West   Link and Choose/mini comp/private training.

June 10th Open Trial schedule below

July 29th Demonstration Suffolk Dog Day

August 4th and 5th.                        HWTM w/shop  MDS tests   Louise Ince  /  PDRO/PDRF Trial Schedule below

30th September  Workshop with Louise Ince  plus MDscheme tests

28th October   Trial  schedule to follow

9th December  Christmas Trial  schedule to follow