About Us


During the last two years I have gained considerable experience in teaching and judging  different versions of Rally Obedience.

I am an APDT  UK Rally judge and have taught several workshops and classes on UK Rally.  I look forward to judging UK Rally in 2011.  

As a TDR Rally judge in 2010,  I had the opportunity to be hands on in their inaugural year,  presenting many workshops and demonstrations in addition to judging and hosting trials. 

I am  heartened to see the benefits to handler and dog as they learn from all different versions of  Rally 'O'. 

I have now developed, with help from fellow dog trainers and rally enthusiasts, a version of Rally Obedience where the emphasis is on the training advantages, especially for pet dog owners who may not currently channel their dog's training in a particular direction.

This version of Rally is free to all users. Dogs and handlers do not need to be registered to compete at a PDRO trial.  Signs, guidelines and instructions are available to download from www.onesuffolk.co.uk/petdograllyobedience


My approach is fun and informative to enable you and your dog to enjoy this wonderful new sport while improving your training and relationship, whether your intention is for competitive Rally or just to enjoy the company of your wonderful pets.


Janet West - Rally Training.