About Rally


Rally Obedience was introduced in the USA 10years ago by Charles Kramer. It is now a very popular dog sport with a large following.
A team, consisting of the handler and dog, complete a group of exercise combined to form a course.

The heart of Rally is the relationship between the dog and handler.

Rewards are allowed, praise and feedback are encouraged, while corrections and harsh handling are penalised.

Starting with a score of 200, the team perform the exercise as required on the sign in front of them, unprompted by the judge or steward. They proceed at a  normal pace until the course is completed. Points will be lost if the team fail to complete the exercise correctly.
The entry levels are performed on leash.
You will already have taught your dog many of the skills required. e.g. Sit Down Sit, Right Turn, Circle Right.
For the next levels, greater control is required as the dog is off lead. We see jumps and recalls introduced, together with faster pacing.

In Pet Dog Rally Obedience there are over eighty exercises throughout four levels and an infinite number of course designs.

Dogs love to learn and enjoy new challenges, Rally will keep your dog occupied for years to come.